Monthly Wishlists

Dear November…

Just a little post today as I wanted to share with you my goals and aims for the month of November 2017. This past year has been full of so many really amazing things and a lot of really crappy stuff to, I have posts about some of these if you fancy a read? 

My Mental Health Story

New Home


I really hope this month will be a super calm chilled out month where I can really relax christmasand calm down before the Christmas rush starts! I may do Blogmas what does everyone think? I was going to post a Christmassy  post three times a week and two random posts a week as well, what would you like to see?

I feel my body needs November to be super calm as this past year has been everything but super calm. I am exhausted and need to sort out so many new things. I need routine in my life and since moving out into my own flat, routine has been absent from my life. Time to get my routines down, sorted and into motion.

I hope for November to be the Month of me, Liam is always telling me to stop worrying self loveabout others and focus on myself and that is exactly what I’m going to do! And with it being my birthday month I think it’s perfect timing. I plan To have lots of pamper nights, chilled out days binge watching crappy television and really focus on channeling any negative feelings in positive ones. Hopefully creating a happy more content me!

eat less sugarFinally I need to look after my insides. During this year I lost a lot of weight and I felt super happy with the skin I was in. I am now slowly putting that weight back on and my self concept is deteriorating with this.If I’m going to look after the mind I need to look after my body aswell. November I hope to start working out more and eating a healthier diet. Me and Liam are going away for a week with unlimited use of a pool and gym and that’s where I plan to stay! I’ll keep you updated with my health kick!


 I Feel like I have waffled on and on about a lot of rubbish so I think I should finish this off with a little check-list for my November goals! 

  • Time to chill out
  • Lots of “me” time
  • Turn negative feelings into positive ones
  • More workouts and healthier diet

I hope you enjoyed reading about my November goals, I would love to hear what your November goals are! Do we have any the same that we can motivate each other with?

Cheerio For Now,

Fern xx


4 thoughts on “Dear November…

  1. Great idea to write a letter to November, absolutely loved this post! I’m hoping that November will be a relaxing month for me too! Hope you have a fab November! Best wishes 😊


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